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Government, Corporate and Professional Pages

American Geophysical Union Home Page

American Geophysical Union home page with information about meetings, publications, news and announcements, and "Science and Society" activities.


American Association of Petroleum Geologists

Founded in 1917, AAPG is an international geological association whose focus is on Oil and Gas related sedimentary geology, with meeting schedules, information and links to affiliated societies.


Dept.of Energy Home Page

Department of Energy WWW homepage. In addition to information about the Department and it's programs, also provides links to associated laboratories and universities subdivided by different divisions (i.e., Energy, Environmental Safety and Health, Environment, etc.).


Environmental Protection Agency

Information about the EPA including information about the Environment for the general public, teachers, students and professionals, plus federal regulations, and good links to EPA-produced data and software.


Geological Society of America Homepage

Homepage of Geological Society of America is primarily to inform users of what is going on with the GSA (Meetings, Publications, Activities, Special Projects, etc.).


International Association of Hydrogeologists

Information about the association and its activites, plus a very extensive set of international links to other sites of interest (see the Hydrology section for direct link to their resource page).


Los Alamos National Laboratory

LANL homepage with links to other Lab-related resources.


Lunar and Planetary Institute (LPI)

Home page of the Lunar and Planetary Institute in Houston with access to meeting abstracts and schedules and other LPI activities, including many links to LPI's educational projects, library catalogs, and their CASS telnet service.


NASA Home Page

NASA "Headquarters" home page with links to related servers and other space-related resources on the Web


NASA/Johnson Space Center

Home page of NASA's Johnson Space Center in Houstion with links to both JSC resources and resources available throughout NASA.


National Association of Black Geologists and Geophysicists

The only African-Amerian Geoscience professional organization in the US. The core mission of NABGG is to mentor new minority geoscientists and assist in the development of geoscience professionals. NABGG serves as a portal to expose the public to the opportunities available in the earth sciences..


National Ground Water Association

Recently redesigned homepage of the NGWA with improved links to other resources, groundwater news and related information.



NSF World Wide Web Server

NSF homepage includes lots of information about the agency, but also includes latest instructions and rules for proposal submittals and a searchable database which lists every project funded since 1989 with a short description of the project status and information about the principal investigators. Also provides links to related agencies, and selected projects.

SEPM - Society for Sedimentary Geology

The Society for Sedimentary Geology. Site includes news, meeting schedules, links to regional section web sites, and other information about publications.


Sandia National Laboratories

Gateway to Sandia National Labs network resources, includes information about current projects.


USGS WEB Server-Home Page

Information about USGS services, funded projects, major initiatives and links to related resources on the WWW. Now includes specific pages for different disciplines including Geology, Mapping, Biology and Water.


Yucca Mountain Project (YMP)

The only domestic project for storage of commercial nuclear waste (from power plants) is the YMP, and this is its home page with information about the project FROM the project. You won't find much negative stuff here (no surprise!).


Geographical Information Systems (GIS) and Mapping


GMT Software Home Page

The Generic Mapping Tools are a set of UNIX programs which are used to manipulate x,y,z data sets including most types of Digital Elevation Model data sets. This page provides access to information about the software and its use, as well as links to other sites which include GMT topics.



Topozone is an excellent online source for U.S.G.S. topographic maps in digital format. Maps may be viewed online for free (search by place name, UTM coordinates or lat/long). Maps may downloaded display on web sites or other uses with a sliding fee schedule starting at $.00 for limited non-commercial use. For paper maps, users are referred to USGS or commercial sources. This is privatization at work.


U.S. Geological Survery Mapping Science Software

Index page for access to U.S.G.S.-produced software (and some non-U.S.G.S. public domain or shareware) used in topographic, geologic and water resources mapping applications. There is some extremely good software here, and, because your tax dollars paid for it, it is all free to download and use.


U.S. Geo Data

This site provides access to USGS digital elevation model (DEM) data files which may be used with some of the USGS mapping software products listed above. Includes data ranging in scale from 1:2,000,000 to (limited coverage at) 1:24,000.


Geoscience Research Sites

Current Research -- UNM Dissertations

Current Research@ hosts online, electronic copies of dissertations produced at the University of New Mexico. While the dissertations are not as complete as they should be for Earth & Planetary Sciences, this is still a good resource. Users may also connect to their main page to search for dissertations available from other participating institutions. Note that access to these pages may be restricted to users connecting from UNM-based addresses. To access other resources offered by Bell & Howell Information and Learning (formerly UMI) connect to their main web site at


On-line Earth Science Journals

An online compilation of Earth Science Journals from the National Centre for Petroleum Geology and Geophysics at Adelade (in Australia). An extensive compilation mostly leaning towards petroleum geology.


Yahoo's Earth Science Sites

An extensive compilation over 2,500 sites which provide information on different aspects of the Earth Sciences.


Department of Energy Office of Science and Technology Information (OSTI)

OSTI provides indices to published energy-related literature, full-text versions of many DOE "gray literature" publications in the "Information Bridge" and access to report preprints through the "PrePrint Network". The interface allows simultaneous search of multiple databases and can find hard-to-find material, and the "Information Bridge" is one of the only indexes for the many internally published documents from National Laboratories such as Los Alamos, Sandia, Livermore, Oak Ridge, LBL, etc.


Geophysics on the Internet

This site, maintained by Dr. John Butler at the University of Houston, provides links to geophysics resources on the Internet including a directory of resources (organizations, universities, courses, etc.), reference material sources, online data sources and some career information. The site also includes some basic tutorial material about how to use the Internet.


Global Change & Climate Research Sites

Global Change Master Directory

The global change master directory maintained by NASA provides access to global change data. Navigation of the site can be confusing, but if you are looking for data from actual material (i.e., Ice cores, stratigraphic records, etc.) for global change research, this is a good place to look. The earth sciences links page is quite extensive and useful.


American Water Resources Association

Mostly an information page for AWRA members and associates, this site also includes a job-posting job-searching pages and links to other organizations.


Hydrology Web

Earth & Environmental Sciences Center at Pacific Northwest Labs puts together this very comprehensive page of links to hydrology resources on the Internet. Their page of links to Computer Modeling and Software is VERY comprehensive.


Groundwater Remediation Project (Canada)

The Groundwater Remediation Project of the National Water Research Institute of Environment Canada (located in Burlington, Ontario) provides information about the project (including available software) plus educational resources about groundwater, and other links on the Internet.


International Association of Hydrogeologists Geo-Links

A page of Geological and Hydrogeological links which includes many resources outside of North America.


USGS Water Resources

USGS Water Resource page provides links to all sorts of water data (real-time and historical stream flow, water quality, etc.), information on publications and products (including software), links to different state branches, and educational topics related to water.


Universities Water Information Network

This site (funded by USGS and UCOWR) is a clearinghouse for water research information on the Internet, and provides many links to other sites (the WetList) as well as a large searchable database of hydrologic abstracts dating back to 1967.


Mineralogy, Crystallography & Materials Science

Crystallography World Wide

Index to crystallographic resources and servers globally.


Clay Mineralogy Web Sites

Index to sites with resources on clay mineralogy, maintained by Steve Chipera from LANL for the Clay Minerals Society. This page also links to the Clay Minerals Society home page.


Minerals In Thin Sections

An online database of thin section photomicrographs of most common minerals including optical data, courtesy of the University of British Columbia. This is part of a complete online guide to Geology 202, Introduction to Mineralogy and Petrology, and an excellent example of course-specific information available online.


Free Software for Mineralogy and Petrology

This is a list of links to computer software available on other servers made available through the Mineralogical Society of America. URLs are given where you can download software at no cost. The link for each software title leads to the home page (if available) or links directly to the source for the downloads.


Petrology and Geochemistry


MELTS Home Page

MELTS is a program that does calculations of magma evolution. The main MELTS program is a Web-based Java applet that does the calculations online requiring no software installation. There are also a variety of UNIX versions available (including Mac OS-X and Linux).


Terry Gordon's Thermodynamics Program Links

An excellent compilation of computer resources available on the WWW (and elsewhere on the Internet) to do a variety of geochemical and thermodynamic modeling calculations, maintained by Terry Gordon at the University of Calgary, Canada.



Planetary Sciences

Center for Mars Exploration

Lots of good links to Mars-related things provided by The Center for Mars Exploration at NASA Ames.


NASA / JSC Earth Images

Johnson Space Center index and link to digital images of earth (primarily from Shuttle missions). The "Earth Observation" link indexes many hundreds of images by mission and location on the earth, most in JPEG format.


NASA Planetary Data

Planetary Data Systems provides access to space images and data gathered and derived from NASA missions with links to the organizations actually providing the data. A great index of planetary data.


The Nine Planets

A very nice compilation of information about our solar system, with lots of NASA images of the bodies discussed. Great for planetary geology and astronomy students alike. From the Lunar & Planetary Lab at the Univ. of Arizona.


Project Galileo (JPL)

Ongoing information about Project Galileo, and its mission to do close encounters with much of the outer solar system throughout the 1990s. A neat page, frequently updated and very good for students.


Space Telescope Electronic Information Service

Amidst more mundane information, this site provides access to lots of incredible images of galaxies, nebulae, supernovas, and things beyond imagination which have been observed and recorded by the Hubble Space Telescope. Well documented site.

Solar and Heliospheric Physics

The Solar Data Analysis Center at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Maryland USA.


Sedimentary/Petroleum Geology and Paleontology

American Association of Petroleum Geologists

 The focus is naturally on Oil and Gas related sedimentary geology, but with some emphasis on environmental issues as well.  


NM Museum of Natural History Paleontology Collection Database

New Mexico Natural History Museum's fossil collection indexed every way imaginable (genus, formation, age, location) in a vast searchable online database and this is what you have.  


Oilfield Internet Resources

Extensive hyperlink compilation of hydrocarbon exploration/production (including sedimentary geology) resources provided by the giant Schlumberger Corporation.


Sedimentary Geology Web Resources

Compilation of sedimentary geology links on the WWW by Becky Dorsey of The University of Oregon. The resource extensive and frequently updated.



Originally formed in 1926 as the Society of Economic Paleontologists and Mineralogists is now the independent Society for Sedimentary Geology. Site includes news, meeting schedules, links to regional section web sites, and information about publications


USGS Bedform Sedimentology.

If understanding sedimentary bedforms is of interest to you, Dave Rubin of USGS created and maintains this page which provides access his bedform models created with software which is available for downloading from this site.


Structural Geology and Tectonics

Structural Geology and Metamorphic Petrology on the WWW

Jurgen Kraus' very comprehensive and useful compilation of WWW sites is hosted by the Canadian Tectonics Group (CTG) and has several mirror sites as well. Although it is not completely up-to-date, it is one of the few comprehensive resources available.


The World-Wide Earthquake Locator

Provides a list of recent earthquakes and their locations and then plots them using Xerox Parc technology developed by Bruce Gittings of the Department of Geography at the University of Edinburgh.



Cascades Volcano Observatory

Everything about activities of the USGS Cascades Volcano Observatory including global climate change work and the volcano disaster assistance program. Includes great 50 image slide show about Mt. St. Helens. Provides a page of WWW links with none outside of government pages.


Hawaii Volcano Observatory"

The US Geological Survey's Hawaiian Volcano Observatory (HVO) it the source for information about volcanic activity and volcanism in the Hawaiian Islands. The "Volcano Watch" newsletter contains the latest alerts for local residents and lots of information about the big Island's volcanoes.


Alaska Volcano Observatory

A joint venture of USGS, U. of Alaska Fairbanks and the Alaska Geological Survey, the agency is charged with researching the active volcanoes of Alaska, assessing hazards, and disseminating information to the public. Includes a very comprehensive atlas of Alaskan volcanoes.


Michigan Tech's Volcanoes Page

Michigan Tech's volcanos page is an extensive collection of information and links to volcanological sites from around the world.


Volcano World

Hosted by the University of North Dakota, this extensive site is the most extensive collection of links and information about volcanoes all over the world.  



Educational Resources


Resources for Earth Science and Geography Instruction

Mark Francek at Central Michigan University has put together this well organized group of pages designed to serve as a resource of Earth Science and Geography instructors and students.


Earth & Environmental Sciences at New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology

UNM's neighbor to the south in Socorro has a well developed web site with lots of resource links to New Mexico geological sites, links to the NM Bureau of Mines, and information about their academic programs.


U. of Calgary Geology and Geophysics

A very resource-full home page for information about the U. Calgary programs with many, MANY links to other sites. See Terry Gordon's Thermodynamics page for links to excellent geochemical computer programs.


The Virtual Earth

Macquarie University's introduction to the Internet for geologists is very useful in providing help in how to use the net, and links to other sites. Not graphically fancy, but a very useful compilation.


The Virtual Geosciences Professor

A resource page for Geoscience teachers and departments put together by John Butler of the University of Houston provides links to universities which make innovative use of the Worldwide Web to provide course information and resources for students.


Earth and Ocean Sciences,

University of British Columbia - This very useful and evolving WWW site provides lots of links to useful resourses in Earth and Ocean Sciences. Check out the "Educational Resources" for some very innovative web-based course-specific materials.


Earth Science Careers


Based in Cambridge, England, Earthworks is a world-wide online database of career opportunites in all areas of the Earth Sciences, including academic, government and industry. The service is free to job-seeking Web browsers, with a nominal fee for posting jobs for advertisers (including individuals wishing to post resumes).

A new (under a year old) exchange service for job-offerers and job-seekers has a fairly large number of postings indexed by location and type of job. The job-type search doesn't always yield all results, so searches are best kept as general as possible. This is only a listing service and does not participate in the actual application or hiring process, but unlike most listing services this one is free to both offerers and seekers.


Houston Geological Society

Excellent source for US based employment in the oil/gas sector.


Miscellaneous - Weather/Time Information

Earth Day/Night Visualizer

Unique source for visualization of earth's day/night cycles/

Weather Status - America

Excellent source for US weather information

Weather Cams of North America

Source for live camera shots of various locations in the US.